Once your plans have been drawn up, the next step in building your home is to obtain a building cost estimate, otherwise known as a bill of quantities.

A building cost estimate is so important for many reasons:

  • It helps to establish a working budget from the beginning
  • It assists with obtaining finance
  • It assists with shire approval
  • It allows you to modify your plans to suit your budget

Using current industry rates, Ace Homes will provide a professional and highly detailed, itemised bill of quantities of materials, labour, plant and equipment. Getting your budget right from the start with an accurate bill of quantities will almost always save you money in the long run.

Your project will be estimated using Ace Homes rates (benefiting from our established relationships with suppliers and trades), and owner builder rates – so you can see exactly how much you’ll save if you choose to use our construction project management service.

If you’re still deciding whether to owner build or build through a registered builder, Ace Homes can also provide you with independent advice so that you know the quote you’ve received from the builder is fair and competitive.


Through Ace Homes’ construction management service, we become the middle man between you and the Perth trades and suppliers. Navigating these suppliers is difficult as they work with processes that are set up to suit big project builders and not owner builders. Bypass this tricky process by using our systems to suit Perth’s residential building industry.

It is through our construction project management service that we pass on cost savings to you, the owner builder. Our buying power allows us to purchase materials at project builder rates to  save you 20-50% off the cost of materials.

Our trades and suppliers are reputable and like working with us because we operate like the project builders, issuing purchase orders to the tradesmen and suppliers and ensuring your building project runs smoothly.

Ace Homes has a team of contractors who we work closely with to create all the pre-construction documentation that you require to obtain a building permit and to start construction on site.

Ace Homes has a trusted network of suppliers that can provide the following pre-construction documentation to assist with obtaining your building permit from the council:

  • Feature contour survey (to create a site plan for the designer)
  • Design & drafting
  • Structural engineering reports
  • 6 star energy certification
  • Certificate of design compliance which will speed up the approval process.
  • Private building certification

Once your building project reaches the construction stage, we’ll set up a pre-start meeting to determine your selections and to enable Ace Homes to create an addenda of specification.

Ace Homes will also assist with site preparation, slab down, building inspections and coordinate site visits.


Ace Homes works closely with building inspectors throughout the construction of each home. It is highly recommended that a building inspector is engaged from the outset of construction. Ace Homes can organise this for all clients.

At Ace Homes, we use the Australian Guide to Standards and Tolerances as the basis for all of our inspections among other relevant Australian Standards and the National Construction Code.

We recommend building inspections are carried out during the following stages:

  • Concrete footings and slab
  • Brickwork
  • Roof frame
  • Lock up
  • Practical completion

Our building inspection team ensures:

  • Contractors complete the building work to an acceptable standard
  • Inspect for non-compliance
  • Inspect for substandard workmanship